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My long-time interest in photography never amounted to anything more than just an interest until about three years ago, when I began taking the time to learn the craft. Beginning then, photography became more and more of a passion, and I took pictures everywhere, bringing my camera to work and on short errands, as a faithful companion to capture every moment. Being a speech-language pathologist for the past 13 years, it's possible that working in a field focusing on people's means of communication and expression has helped me hone in on the moments I feel are precious to save. My favorite part of this work is when I am taking a particular picture or pictures and I think, "This is it, this is what they will want forever. This is that moment." Photography started as a weekend side-project, but since moving to the Nashville area, I now share my time between speech pathology and photography, specializing in portraits, headshots, couples/engagements, weddings, and events. Every photo opportunity has been incredibly fun and an absolute pleasure. I hope to help you save your best moments to share as you wish.

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